The Counter-intuitive Course

2019 mini tour

This day is for people who are experienced at supporting individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities or complex learning difficulties and disabilities, it will also be relevant to anyone supporting a person whose primary experience of the world, and meaning within it, is sensory: Sensory Beings.

The title of the day comes from two places: that it could be considered counter intuitive that delegates with such rich experience would attend a training day at all, and from some of the counter intuitive aspects of best practice care for Sensory Beings.

The day will be an opportunity to:
  • Extend your existing good practice through networked conversations with other experienced practitioners and parents/primary carers.
  • Explore the counter intuitive aspects of the support you currently provide. Recognising the counter intuitive aspects of our current practice helps us to better explain our techniques to others and so extend their impact, it can also enable us to apply existing good practice in one area to other areas.
  • Be challenged by findings from contemporary research and consider how these might impact the support we provide.
  • Sit in a Large Hadron Collider of Ideas and experience your own ideas colliding with the ideas of other superb practitioners and then picking through the creative rubble left behind after a collision for fascinating tit bits to pick up and put into action.
  • Learn techniques to reinvigorate your own creative juices.
  • Be inspired by activities and strategies used in other settings, collecting new ideas to try in your own setting.
  • Consider how we support engagement in a multi sensory way in different environments and how these impact the mental health of the people we support.
  • Consider how multi modal processing of sensory information effects people's ability to engage and how we can adjust the environment to maximise a person's chances of accessing and understanding the world around them.
  • Discuss how to enable others to share your vision, during which there will be another nod to counter intuitive as we look at why traditional training might hinder rather than help awareness.
  • And much more! This course will be different every time it runs as every time it runs we will have a different team of experts in the room.

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