Sensory Story Sale!

One free story for every story purchased

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Many things have conspired to create the perfect climate for hosting a sensory story sale. For starters the new website launched! And it is nearly term time again. But it has not just been the website that's been changing. The sensory stories themselves are changing.

Originally the stories were printed and bound at The Sensory Projects HQ (a place famed for it's improvised nature.) These were great but the bindings will only take so many openings and the laminated story cards were good but ultimately would come unstuck. Dream, pictured above, is an example of this type of printing.

So we moved to printing the story cards on never tear paper, the quality of these prints endures for far longer than the laminated versions, they're wipe clean and can't be torn, but they are considerably floppier than the laminates so not so handy for reading whilst facilitating a story. White Kite, pictured above, is an example of this type of printing.

Homework pack stories are still printed on Never Tear or laminated.

The new stories are being printed by a professional print company. The story cards are being replaced by the back page of these printed booklets making things less fiddly. This has the advantage of ensuring the story card and it's supporting content are always together. The professional printing is a better quality than we could achieve at The Sensory Projects HQ. The booklets have a stiff front and back cover meaning it is easy to use them as a story card. The Woods, pictured above, is an example of this type of printing.

However, it is not so simple - as with this new website there are small errors to be discovered. If you do spot a link not working on here, or a typo, please let us know. Similarly in the newly professional printed stories there are a few errors and a few things we will want to change on the next print run. So far we have spotted a story whose page numbers take a hike up the page through the story, beginning in the bottom corner and ending up half way up the page, and we have also realised we do not want to print inside the front and back covers as this makes things feel crowded. None of these things effect the content of the booklets, but we are hoping to improve the quality in future. As with the website if you spot and error please do get in touch we would be very grateful.

The Sale - Details

People purchasing sensory stories through the new website will receive one free story for each story they purchase. The stories may be in any of the 3 formats described above. The free story will be selected from stock for you. If you have a particular preference please use the 'add message' section on paypal, or send an email to containing the story you would prefer and the email address you used on paypal to purchase the original story. We cannot guarantee your preference will be honoured but if it is possible we will try, if it is not possible we will use the information you give us to guide us in your free story selection. 

Homework packs purchased will be eligible for one free story - but not a free homework pack.

If you are purchasing more than 9 stories then it is inevitable that you will receive two copies of one or more stories as we do not have enough stories to ensure each story you receive is unique.