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Training from The Sensory Projects is always rich in information and interaction. The benefits people reap from meeting people "like them" during the days is not something we can replicate online. So, although we will be posting information on social media, there are no current plans to run online training (this may change). 

Instead we suggest Lockdown Book Groups: read a book, share it with a friend or colleague, then meet virtually to discuss the content. This will result in richly informed reflective thinking directly relevant to your context. 

To facilitate this we have put together some book packs. All courses are available to book for next year and have early bird and group discount tickets in place. Here is how the books relate to the courses:

Sensory Stories for Children and Teens - Underpins Ambitious and Inclusive Sensory Story Telling. 
Sharing Sensory Stories and Conversations with People with Dementia is also relevant to this course. As are the children's Sensory Story Books: Voyage to Arghan and Ernest and I

Sensory-being for Sensory Beings - Underpins Develop Your Sensory Lexiconary and informs Sensory Engagement for Mental Wellbeing.

Multiple Multi Sensory Rooms: Myth Busting The Magic - Underpins What Is Happening In Our Multi-Sensory Rooms?

The Sensory Study Bundle: £70 - Usually retails for over £85
Includes: Sensory Stories for Children and Teens, Sensory-being for Sensory Beings and Multiple Multi-Sensory Rooms: Myth Busting The Magic.

The Sensory Story Bundle: £42 - Usually retails for over £45
Includes: Sensory Stories for Children and Teens, Voyage to Arghan, and Ernest and I

The Simple Sensory Bundle: £50 - Usually retails for over £65
Includes: Sensory-being for Sensory Beings and Sensory Stories for Children and Teens

Add Sharing Sensory Stories and Conversations with People with Dementia to any order for £20.

Book group pack choice:

You can also buy a Group Pack of 6 copies of a sensory story to send home to families in lockdown. For more information view the Sensory Stories page

I work nationally, and occasionally internationally, delivering private in house events for organisations. To get a sense of where I am and when, and what I am doing there, follow me on my social media channels.

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Some of the organisations I work for privately open their events to others as ticketed events. These will be listed below. 
[Note if you have booked me for a private event and intend to sell tickets please let me know so I can advertise your event here.]

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