Seeking to contribute to a world where everyone is understood in spite of difference. 

The Sensory Projects run on the principle that with the right knowledge and a little creativity inexpensive items can become effective sensory tools for inclusion.

This website lets you explore The Sensory Projects, find out about training courses, and access materials that will support you as you seek to include people in a sensory way.

Connecting with The Sensory Project's founder Joanna Grace on social media will give you access to additional content, insight and information.

Look out! On the 24th of September it will be National Multi Sensory Story Telling Day, to celebrate we have hidden three heavily discounted bumper packs of sensory stories around the website somewhere: happy hunting! 

There are three bumper packs of discounted sensory stories hidden around the website, one containing three stories for £20, one containing five stories for £40 and one massive one containing ten stories for £60! To take advantage of them simply click to add to your Paypal shopping basket. Stories are selected at random so you won't know what you will get until your parcel arrives but we promise it will contains super sensory stories for celebrating national multi sensory story telling day. Remember if you live outside of the UK you need to also purchase international postage for your stories (or nominate an address within the UK to receive the stories for you). You can find the international postage here Hunt around the website to find the packs and begin some new sensory story telling adventures!


The 2019 tour is open for mega early bird bookings.

Click the seagull if you are wondering why it is there.
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Jo Grace,
23 Nov 2017, 15:34