Seeking to contribute to a world where everyone is understood in spite of difference. 

The Sensory Projects run on the principle that with the right knowledge and a little creativity inexpensive items can become effective sensory tools for inclusion.

This website will let you explore the Projects, find out about training courses, and access materials that will support you as you seek to include people in a sensory way.

Connecting with The Sensory Project's founder Joanna Grace on social media will give you access to additional content, insight and information.


Special Spring Offers!
Mini Spring Bumper Pack (Ideal for sharing at home)
Contains: Toys:The Once and Future King, Dream and Rock Hoppers plus one extra surprise story. £30 including P&P*

Massive Spring Bumper Pack (Ideal for sharing with friends) Contains: Toys:The Once and Future King, When You Were Gone, Dandelion, Like, Ein Wattspaziergang, plus one extra surprise story. £60 including P&P*

*Post and Packing for UK destinations only, international postage still applies.
TEDx Truro Logo
Chlöe Salfield and Sensory Projects' Founder Joanna Grace presented at TEDx Truro, their topic was: Inclusion: for pity's sake? 

Photo courtesy of TEDxTruro

Raising The Bar
Raising the Bar - national conference
On the 24th of November Sensory Projects' Founder Joanna Grace was a part of the team who launched the new Core and Essential Service Standards for Supporting People  with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. Download the standards here.

Settings adopting these standards make a commitment to following the very best practice in the care of people with PMLD.

Through the adoption of the standards it is hoped that bar for what constitutes good care will be raised and lives will be improved
Early Bird booking for the 2018 Lexiconary is live with a limited number of Early Bird tickets available for each venue.

The 2018 Lex will be visiting: Plymouth, Bristol, Nottingham, Cambridge, Manchester and London.

A one off ticketed version of Sensory Engagement for Mental Well-being is being hosted at Woodbrooke retreat centre on March 16th 2018.

A limited number of Early Bird tickets are available now.

Click the seagull if you are wondering why it is there.
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