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  • "Thank you so much! The staff are a hard bunch to please and they were like putty in your hands - they are so appreciative and we have had the best feedback ever! I am a very grateful head!"
  • "I am the sensory lead teacher for my school. Your stories and vision inspired me and my staff to use your approach to develop curiosity, interactions and reactions that otherwise would not necessarily happen."
  • "Using sensory stories with my client is the first time I've felt that we truly communicated."
  • "We have received so much positive feedback from staff about your talk and workshop and also the day as a whole. Lovely to hear that staff have been tweeting you."
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to share the Sensory Stories day with Joanna. I know I do not only speak for myself when I say that I took so much from the day. Joanna's unique delivery was most refreshing and her underlying ethos and ideas about how to support people with disabilities is something I too hope to be able to share with other professionals."
  • "Your workshop at our Early Years conference inspired so many who have gone on to use sensory stories."
  • "Thank you so much once again for our training session, it has been so lovely to hear pockets of conversation around school, people talking about the training day and how they have learnt something new. There will definitely be changes made, you have inspired us all!"

Click here to view a complete sets of feedback forms from Sensory Projects training days.

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