"Training from The Sensory Projects does not give you answers, 

it inspires you to ask the right questions."

This feedback from a delegate sums up The Sensory Projects online courses perfectly. There are no one size fits all answers. By providing you with insightful and challenging content based on research, practice and people we encourage you to ask the questions that lead you to answers that are right for you.

Courses and workshops available now:

Ambitious and inclusive sensory story sharing - Course - 16 lectures - 4-12 hours study.

Sensory-being: mental wellbeing for sensory beings - Workshop - 6 lectures - 2-6 hours study.

Behaviour: sensory communication strategies for a crisis - Workshop - 6 lectures - 2-5 hours study.

Coming soon:

Exploring the impact of the senses on behaviour - Course - __ lectures -_-_hours study.

Multisensory rooms: myth busting the magic - Course - __ lectures - _-_ hours study.

Sensory engagement for mental wellbeing for people with profound disabilities - Course - __ lectures - _-_ hours study.

Creating sensory accessibility - Workshop - _ lectures - _ - _ hours study.

Visit The Sensory Projects Youtube channel to watch sneak previews of each course.

Find course summaries for each event as downloads at the bottom of this page.

Our events are hosted on Youtube. Each is a series of short lectures accompanied by reflective tasks to support you in applying the course content to your own circumstances. You are free to complete the course at your own pace over the course of a term, and to augment your experience by purchasing additional resources or interactive content.

Course delegates are invited to hand in a sample of their responses to the tasks for assessment in any format they choose. You will be assessed on your ability to reflect upon the content, connect it to your own life, and ask questions. Assessment is only offered for courses, not workshops, and is optional. 

A Certificate of Achievement indicates that you successfully completed the course.
A Certificate of Merit indicates you demonstrated a fantastic ability to connect with and reflect upon the course content.
A Certificate of Distinction indicates you demonstrated an exceptional ability to connect with and reflect upon the content, and to ask insightful questions.

Employers: A certificate from The Sensory Projects indicates that the candidate submitting it is interested in research based reflective practice. Certificates of Merit and Distinction are indicative of that candidate's capacity for reflective practice.

Course dates:
Term 1: 1st February - 30th April
Term 2: 1st May - 31st July
Term 3: 1st September - 30th November

Sign up now to start in February. You are free to join the course late if you are happy to complete it within the time given.

What the delegates said:

Since their launch in the Autumn of 2020 The Sensory Projects online courses have been attended by delegates from around the globe, including the UK, America, Albania, Italy, Portugal and Australia. Here's a sample of what they said:

"Thank you so much for all the valuable insights! I love listening to the way you explain really complex concepts so beautifully and simply.  Amazing stuff."

"I have just finished Sensory-being: Mental Wellbeing for Sensory Beings, and I found it amazing!"

"The content was extremely interesting and very helpful....there was lots wrong about the way stories were used or told that now makes absolute sense in light of doing this course."

"The stories course was so wonderful. My school has a small cohort of pupils with profound and multiple learning disabilities, this course has enabled me to support my colleagues in understanding the value of repetition. We are going to change how we record our sensory story sessions too!" 

"It was wonderful to know you were always on the end of an email, or a tweet or a Facebook message to help me with my reflections."

"Thank you again so much. I am finding the information you are giving through this course so interesting and enriching. I have personally found it a far better way of learning than through reading. The analogies are particularly helpful in understanding."

"I've just completed the Sensory Stories course, I am going to sign up to the Sensory-being one as soon as I can."

"Because it is recorded, it gave me opportunities to stop, or go back when needed as I made notes. It has also really made it easier for me as a teacher to explain to my TA team, using some of your findings and your examples. It has been really thought provoking for me and for them, too and has definitely created more mindful practice in what we do with the pupils. I also had to say as well that I really liked the response graph! So simple but effective and visual!"

Fees and Logistics

Courses cost £95
Workshops cost £33

Concessionary pricing is available to students and carers who are self funding their studies and to groups intending to study together.

You have the option to purchase additional interactive content and resources to further augment your experience of the course. See the Extras documents in the downloads at the bottom of this page for more information. 

If you are interested in using The Sensory Projects training as the core for a staff training day get in touch (sensorystory@gmail.com) to discuss how this could be achieved. 


To sign up email sensorystory@gmail.com
Payment is via Paypal, BACs or Cheque.
For convenience you can use the Paypal button below to pay but you must still email in order to complete your enrolment and receive your course booklet.

Set up

You must provide the email address you use to login to Youtube. Failure to do so can mean a delay in your being able to enter the online classroom.
You must not share the films beyond the permissions given. Failure to abide by this rule will mean you are removed from the online classroom.


You are free to study at a pace that suits you. It is recommend that you watch the films one by one, rather than back to back, and after each film complete the reflective tasks in your course booklet. Jo is available online via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and welcomes questions and insights.
You will have access to the online classroom until the end date of the term you select. (If you encounter difficulties and need extra time do not worry it can be arranged).


Course delegates can take part in the assessment process by emailing sensorystory@gmail.com reflective responses to three of the films.
You are free to choose which three films you share your response to and to express your responses in whatever fashion suits you: it could be a photograph of the notes you made in your work booklet or a voice or video note. You will need to provide a postal address to receive your certificate. Workshops delegates will not be assessed but participants will receive a digital certificate at the end of the workshop.

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