Ambitious and Inclusive Sensory Story Telling

Officially Accredited CPD via The Goldsmith Centre.

2019 mini tour
This day can be booked as an in-house training event.

Sensory stories are a glorious paradox, so very simple, but with the capacity to open the world up, create connection, communication, a porthole through which we can enable people to explore - in a sensory way - the richness culture, history, art, and all the wondrous aspects of being human.

On this day you will learn:
  • Why we engage the senses, and how doing so supports cognition, communication, memory, learning, concentration, a person's ability to engage and connect, mental health and so much more.
  • How narrative permeates life, that a story is much more than a piece of light entertainment shared at bedtime, that stories are a part of our make up, form our identity, underpin our relationships with each other, that stories can teach us, can enable access to different places and spaces, and can even support us medically!
  • The essential elements to a superb sensory story.
  • How to maximise the impact of the sensory experiences you facilitate, both in sensory stories and in any kind of sensory work.
  • How engagement with, and learning from, a sensory story change over time and what to do to encourage this development and growth.
  • That sensory experiences do not need to be expensive to be effective, you will see how gorgeous communicative experiences can be built from little more than a piece of paper.
Leave inspired to create sensory stories of your own.

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