Officially Accredited CPD via The Goldsmith Centre.

2019 tour:
This day can be booked as in-house training from Autumn 2019.

Course description
This event looks at simple sensory strategies that can be employed to improve the mental well-being of Sensory Beings (people whose primary experience of the world, and meaning within it, is sensory, for example individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities). We also look at how these strategies can be extended to support our own well-being.

At a time when we are considering mental health first aid for all it is important that we also turn our attention to those who are unable to access support through traditional means. Research shows that the more disabled a person is the more likely they are to experience mental ill health, which means it is especially important that we look to be proactive in caring for the mental well-being of those likely to be at greatest risk.

The day will be collaborative, enlightening and empowering and should enable you to make simple instant changes to your practice that will have a positive impact on the mental well-being of the Sensory Beings in your care.

The day will be of particular interest to:
  • Parents and carers of individuals with profound disabilities.
  • Staff from special school settings who support students with profound disabilities.
  • Staff from adult care settings that support individuals with profound disabilities or later stage dementia.
  • CAMHS teams.
  • Advocacy groups.
  • Speech and language therapists.

Snapshots of feedback from Sensory Engagement for Mental Well-being days. 

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