The Sensory-being Project


To facilitate the benefits of mindfulness practice in a sensory way.

Sensory-being -  the enveloping of natural presentness and awareness in an unfolding sensory moment.

Sensory Beings - people whose primary experience of the world, and meaning within it, is sensory.


A huge team of people worked together, each contributing their particular strengths, to discover how to create and share sensory experience that engage people in an unfolding sensory moment.

The team:
  • Over 30 Sensory Beings working as consultants advising on what sorts of sensory experiences best held them in an unfolding moment.
  • 26 Sustainable design students, trained by Jo Grace in sensory development, designing new sensory objects to engage and enfold people in a sensory moment.
  • Over 40 experienced practitioners and parents contributing their insights and knowledge.

Sensory-being can be thought of as a type of mindfulness suited to people whose attention falls naturally on the present. In sharing sensory experiences with Sensory Beings we can explore sensory-being and mindfulness together for mutual benefit.

Clicking on the photos below will take you to photograph albums that give insight into the consultation process.

The Sensory Being Consultant Team
Zac, Tarik, Shannon, Savannah, Rosa, Zoe:

Mya, Mia, Lilly (hiding on the left), Leo, Julia:

Joseph, Isaac, Harry, Hannah, Gabriel:

Freya, Fox, Elowen, Eleanor, Daryl:

Chloe, Xander, Anonymous, Chloe and Chloe:

Consultants, Oak, Tabby and Suzanne also took part but are not pictured because they either just managed to dodge the camera or were too ill to take part when the photographer visited the consultation. Consultants in later age took part but are not pictured. Some consultants took part but needed to remain completely anonymous. 
Huge thanks to ALL the consultants for sharing their valuable insight.

Images used as a part of the Sensory-being project with kind permission of parents and careers.

Outcomes & Resources

Sensory-Being cover

The book Sensory-being for Sensory Beings that describes how to create stimuli for sensory-being and how to facilitate moments of sensory-being for everyone was published by Routledge.

The courses
were developed as a result of the sensory-being project. The Lexiconary shares insight into how choosing resources according to sensory development can foster engagement, and the Sensory Engagement for mental well being day looks at how simple adjustments in how we facilitate sensory experiences can have a profound impact on the mental well being of Sensory Beings.


When working out how to provide the sensitivity of facilitation needed during the Structured Sensory Art Project to allow the artists to be the creative force in their work I decided to put in a brief mindfulness session at the start of the studio time in order to align the facilitators with the present moment. 

As we ran these sessions we realised that the artists were experts at mindfulness. 

Where for a Linguistic Being mindfulness can be the gentle herding of one's attention, in a non judgemental way back to the present. What is mindfulness to someone whose attention is always in the present? Is it already achieved or is there still a distinction to be drawn?

In thinking about the feeling of mindfulness we recognise a stillness or a steadiness to the being. Someone whose attention is on the present but that attention is jumping around does not feel this stillness. In providing a sensory object that entrances we give someone the opportunity to both be in the moment and to feel that stillness and steadiness we associate with mindful practice. We called this sensory mindfulness sensory-being.

The positive effects of mindfulness on mental and physical health are well documented. We hope that by facilitating mindfulness in a sensory way we can extend these benefits to Sensory Beings.
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