What Is Happening in Our Multisensory Rooms?

This event explores current practice in multiple sensory rooms, reviewing the research that has been conducted into the rooms since their advent fifty years ago and asking challenging questions about how the rooms are currently utilised.

Delegates will learn:

  • How to maximise the potential within their multisensory environments, be they multisensory rooms or improvised spaces.
  • Three features identified by research as being essential to effective multisensory rooms.
  • Twelve factors identified by research as impacting upon effective multisensory room practice.
  • Twelve characteristics identified by research as being critical to the functioning of the most important piece of equipment in any multisensory room: the people!
  • What to consider when creating a multisensory environment.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with ineffective multisensory room practice.
  • How to use inexpensive resources to create effective multisensory environments.
  • How to ensure specialist multisensory room equipment is used to its full potential.

And much much more... further details will be added to this page in the coming weeks.