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Sensory Stories: Making Narrative Accessible Through the Senses (£20)

This is the second edition of the globally successful Sensory Stories book. It contains updated content, as well as video content, the original five fantastic sensory stories with information about sensory stimulation and storytelling as well as a further four fantastic stories by guest authors: Pete Wells (from Inclusive Stories), Dr Nicola Grove (from Surviving through Story), Victoria Navin (from Rhyming Multisensory Stories) and most fantastic of all a sensory story co-authored by students with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities from National Star College.

The Subtle Spectrum (£15)

A raw and exposing exploration of the journey to discovering autistic identity, mapping the post-late-diagnosis landscape. Foreword by Steve Silberman, author of Neurotribes, who described the book as "wise and compassionate" as well as "engaging and uplifting".

Multiple Multi-Sensory Rooms: Myth Busting the Magic (£25)

A book founded in research calling for reflective multi-sensory room practice. A photo album of alternative sensory spaces to accompany the book can be viewed here.

My Mummy is Autistic (£12)

Written and illustrated by my son shortly after his 5th birthday. Chris Packham kindly wrote a foreword for the book, saying within it:
"There is a remarkable tenderness here, between mother and child, an acceptance which is both beautiful and charming and heart-warming. The drawings offer a clarity, the voice of the child a purity, uncomplicated and direct. But what seals its success is the equally honest replies from the adult".

Children's picture books (£14)

These children's books are sensory stories with full-page colour illustrations.
(The protagonist in Voyage to Arghan happens to have Downs Syndrome, and the protagonist in Ernest and I is Autistic.)

Voyage to Arghan tells of a girl who wins a competition to be the first child in space. It has a particular focus on wellbeing and resilience.  Click here to see pictures and videos of this story being shared.

Ernest and I follows the adventures of a boy and his toy penguin as they live a life on the ocean waves. It has a particular focus on nurture and attachment.

Spike and Mole: Spike lives alone in the garden until one day the actions of a tenacious little Mole tempt him out of his hiding place. When disaster strikes Spike and Mole work together to save the day.

Sensory-Being for Sensory Beings: Creating Entrancing Sensory Experiences (£25)

This practitioner manual explores the development of seven sensory systems and looks at how we can use our knowledge of the senses to create entrancing sensory experiences to engage and delight everyone.

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Chapter 10 supportive content
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Sharing Sensory Stories and Conversations with People with Dementia (£20)

This practitioner manual shows you how simple sensory conversations and sensory stories can be used therapeutically with people with Dementia to support their wellbeing and engagement with life. It also explores how we can use sensory communication to help people when they become frustrated and also to help people maintain independence as far as is possible.