The Seismic Sensory Project

The Seismic Sensory Project is the fourth of the Sensory Projects and initially ran from Sept 2018 through to Sept 2019 in three settings. It has since morphed into a consultancy package that flexes to meet the needs of the individual or setting involved over a prolonged period of time, from three months to a year.


"Jo did not bring us a set of answers, instead she gave us questions. Asking those questions is leading us to develop our practice in a way that suits our setting."

"It was like a light was switched on and suddenly my daughter had permission to learn."

"Jo put me in contact with so many useful people."

"We became more aware of ______'s needs, the team notice her more now. She is less agitated. There are still a lot of challenges but we are hopeful for her future."

"It was like observing a different person!"

"Jo's intelligent, non dictatorial, reflective approach to consultancy was a refreshing change from what we have experienced before."


To facilitate long term positive change for a setting, or an individual, through shaking things up a little!

The Project runs on a model of challenge, support and mentoring. Challenges are set and support is given to meet not only those challenges but also to face pre-existing challenges identified by that particular setting or person.

We aim to see the impact of the changing landscape ripple outwards to places beyond its original target creating far-reaching positive change.


The first setting.
The Seismic Project worked in a school that provides for individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Challenging the setting to increase joy and engagement, get better connected and share their great practice further afield and supporting the setting to face preexisting challenges of practitioner isolation and paper work overload.

The first adult.
The Seismic Project worked with a "closed off" octogenarian who had spent their entire life in institutions and had no family left to advocate on their behalf. Challenging the staff supporting this person to research their history, adjust their routines in response to the person's individual needs and to gently build sensory engagement activities into their life. Support was given to find avenues for this research, and develop engagement activities bespoke to the individual.

The first child.
The Seismic Project worked with a mainstream school to better include a child with a moderate learning disability. Challenging the setting to establish a work routine for the child and increase their expectations of the child's academic capacity. Support was offered with regards to how to respond to behaviours the setting found challenging and to involve the child meaningfully in school events big and small, such as assemblies and school performances.

If you fancy a little seismic change get in touch: and we can create a package just for you.